The Facts about IAFF Local 2446 and its bought and paid for candidates

This site is for every resident and taxpayer in Palm Bay that seeks the truth about the current financial state of our city and the corruption by special interests that is bankrupting our city. This site will not only provide true and factual information that every Palm Bay resident needs to know, but will also have spirited open debates and discussions.

This site will not tolerate threats, bullies or anonymous fakers that want to turn this site into an untruthful “we hate fireman and police site” and try to disrupt truthful informative discussions. Please visit all of our legitimate links for resources regarding the city’s financial information including salaries, budgets, council meetings and the city charter. These resources will help you make an informed choice in the upcoming election. We guarantee you will be shocked!

Palm Bay has 4 council members and a mayor.  Currently, 3 of the 4 council members are union backed and work solely for the special interest groups and not the taxpayer. The taxpayer is outnumbered 3 to 2. Before you vote, we suggest that you look at the campaign contributions and endorsements of the candidates, this is a good indication of what type of representation you can expect.

The union is backing 3 candidates in the upcoming November election. Capote for Mayor, Michelle Paccione for seat 3 and a new union man, Bill Rettinger for seat 2. If any more of the special interest candidates get in, they will have complete control of both the Council and City. The three candidates are pictured in the header above.

Don’t believe it check out Local 2446 Web site, they proudly endorse their bought and paid candidates.

This is their true goal.

Councilwomen Kristine Isnardi and Mayor Mr. John Mazzioti are the only 2 council members that care about the non-special interest residents of Palm Bay. They are out voted 3 to 2 on almost every issue that hurts the taxpayer and helps the special interests.

What do these special interest groups cost our city? We need to look at what has been cut recently.  Palm Bay’s roads and infrastructure improvements are on hold, school resource officers were cut (Councilwomen Isnardi fought to get them back and won), long time trusted and needed city employees were laid off and parks and recreation services were cut back.  The citizens of Palm Bay suffered these cuts to pay special interest.

The quality of life in Palm Bay has gone down for all city residents to help pay for the largess of a few.  Do you think the special interests care? Fact: 60% of Firefighters and Police do not live in Palm Bay.  They are not affected by the high property tax rate, quality of life issues, and other challenges facing our city. 

The firemen have the audacity to complain there is no money left for safety equipment and new trucks when: Fact:  $12.1 Million of the fire department’s $13.1 Million annual budget goes to salaries and pensions.  Only $1 million is left for the actual operation of the fire department.

The average salary of a Palm Bay fireman is way above industry norm and many run into 6 figures. They can retire after only 28 years of service at 101% of their salary. Are you shocked yet? Are you angry yet?  The salaries and pensions are not sustainable and will bankrupt Palm Bay.

A new 3 year fireman’s contract was just voted in by the 3 union council members giving more benefits. Out of the 20 highest earners in Palm Bay, 11 of them are firemen. They can move on to another job and retire, double or triple dipping on the taxpayer’s dime.  They receive these benefits with no required college education.

We all agree we need fire and police, but at what cost? When does the greed stop? When they bankrupt our city?  Let’s not forget last year when the 3 union council members tried to add a Fire Fee, in other words, a tax of approximately $300.00 per household without the vote of the taxpayer. If they succeed this election and again are the majority on council, it will be re-enacted. It will go directly on your utility bill and would give the special interest more money to give themselves more money and benefits. They will deny this furiously before the election to get the vote but it is inevitable, don’t be fooled!

We have borrowed $43 million to get their pensions up to par. We the taxpayer contribute 28% towards their pensions, they contribute 8% and the taxpayer is responsible for the shortfall during these bad economic times. They have almost have maxed out the millage rate (property tax rate) allowed and it has tripled in the last 4 years. They have nowhere else to go to fill their pockets, but to keep adding fees to the residents. It will never stop. Palm Bay is on the verge of bankruptcy due to special interest. There will be no one left in Palm Bay but firefighters and police.

Watch the news, listen to the radio, surf the web everyday there are countless stories of local cities going bankrupt due to unions. The only cities that survive are the ones that the taxpayers stand up to the unions by voting out union thugs and voting in leaders that will work for the taxpayer and not for special interest. In those stories, you will also hear of the desperate attempts union thugs impose on anyone that threatens their lavish lifestyles by suing, walkouts, bulling and threats.

We need to take our City back, back to the taxpayer. If the union does not want to negotiate for the best interest of the taxpayer then they need to go. The Unions need to be put on notice that the taxpayers will insist to outsource the departments or negotiate a deal with Brevard County Fire to save our City and make it a “Perfect place to grow”. This election will be either a new start to Palm Bay or the death of Palm Bay. We can do this at the polls…Vote out special interest candidates!!!!!