William Capote (Union Candidate) Running for Mayor

William Capote…..Another so called “Non partisan” Candidate that has the gall to run for Mayor solely to be a puppet for the Union to steal from the taxpayers.  Mr. Capote, first question. Who paid for all those huge signs with your mug on it? They are very expensive.  I think we all know that answer……UNION.  So we should expect that you will represent all of us, not just special interest? You have no qualifications to run for Mayor….you are also unqualified in your current position as a council member. You are an empty chair for the taxpayer. In other words….your opinion does not count to the residents and taxpayers. You should have no actual leadership interest here except if they are self serving? After you impose new fees on the residents,you can just pick up and leave.So what are your interests in being mayor? Were going to bet self serving….

Here is a perfect example from a concerned taxpayer who describes you as you actually are from your own comments on your Facebook Page:

”We met in the bank! Your sign says non-partisan; that’s a joke, when you’re desribed as a Democrat activist. If you support Obama-Care, the Muslim Brotherhood, and current Democratic leadership I have to oppose you because the aforementioned are corrupt and you are truly an activist”

Couldn’t of said it better!!!

From your webpage,http://capoteformayor2012.com/endorsements.html, here are your endorsements……they tell a lot about a candidate

1) Fraternal Order of Police

2) Palm Bay “Professional Firefighters” (shame most of them don’t act professional”) AFL-CIO CLC

3) Florida Professional Firefighters IAFF-A-8

So who do you think Mr. Capote will work for?