Lame bureaucrat of the week

Typical City Bureaucrat. 2446 Local Union can dish it out but they can’t take it,  they run like the cowards that they are to the city attorney. Sorry Mr. City Attorney (Looter) you scare nobody, your nothing but a typical government bureaucrat who bows down to the whim of 2446 and a few cry baby city council members.




You are using the City of Palm Bay, Florida’s official logo without the City’s authorization or express, written permission.  You are hereby demanded to remove the City’s logo at once.

Furthermore, you are using a picture on both sides of the website that illustrates the image of person(s) behind bars.  Neither Deputy Mayor Paccione nor Councilman Capote have criminal records.  Hence, you are committing the torts of libel and slander.  I hereby demand that you immediately remove all of said images at once.

Andrew P. Lannon, Esq.
City Attorney
Florida Bar No. 0648140
City of Palm Bay, FL