Fireman resinstated after refusing a drug test! Wow, must be great to be in the Union.

Opinion piece: Submitted by e-mail from one of our members.

Wow it must be really nice to go to China for several weeks make up some bogus story that you might have inadvertently done some drugs, try to shrug it off to your fire house buddies as a Joke. Than when the city decides to investigate and make you do a mandatory drug test, you refuse. So than you call your big fat union boss who says we can’t have this and sends an attack fleet of lawyers after the city, the city than folds and says OK Mr. problem you can have your job back with back pay, and oh yeah we where just kidding about your drug test…you don’t really have to do that..heh heh..can’t believe we even asked. Oh yeah and by the way heros 205 thousand dollars for our inconsideration.

Wow can you just imagine telling your boss you refuse to take a mandatory drug test? Can you just imagine having a job, where you can call in an army of lawyers who will defend you free of charge, should your boss tell you something you don’t like.

Geez wonder why the city is going broke…So funny these firemen think they are heroes for doing there job. The real hero are the military who are actually risking there lives with little pay.

The fireman who refused a drug test and is now reinstated..great to know our heroes might come to put a fire out and could possibly be high as a kit! But we wouldn’t know because, we wouldn’t want to hurt somebody’s feelings asking them to have to submit to a drug test.

So glad these thugs could have there brother back.

“Not only are we pleased with the arbitrator’s fair ruling, but we are also glad to have our brother back on the job,” says Local 2446 President David Ginsburg.

“Under the consultation of the union’s lawyer, Potash issued a statement of remorse. This was to no avail because the chief fired him the next day.”

Usually when somebody issues a statement of remorse, their is some type of guilt involved.

Time to wake up Palm Bay these Union thugs are quickly bankrupting the city and passing the burden on tho the citizens of Palm Bay.

Brevard County has a its own why Fire Division why on earth are we in bed with these Union criminals? They cry and whine and stomp their feet like little babies and call there union mommie and daddies when they don’t get exactly what they want.