Brian Anderson Common sense candidate

After having an in depth conversation with Mr. Brian Anderson and getting a general feel for the pulse of the community, we are proud to endorse Mr. Anderson. We have attempted to contact Mrs. Wilson on several occasions but her campaign has been unresponsive throughout this election season, we have also seen very little effort on her part to seriously make an effort to win this race. At this point we feel it essential to back a the candidate who is most serious about defeating the Unions backed candidates. Seat 3 is critical and the vote is now split between 4 candidates 3 of them are opposed to the Unions outrageous spending while the one is fully funded by them. At this time we feel it is absolutely necessary to fall behind one candidate or risk splitting the vote and give Paccione a free pass back to rubber stamping everything that comes across her desk from her Union bosses. Please join us in supportingBrian Anderson for Seat 3 in the general election. New Interesting pet website.

Brian Anderson – Bill Mick live