Brian Anderson Common sense candidate


After having an in depth conversation with Mr. Brian Anderson and getting a general feel for the pulse of the community, we are proud to endorse Mr. Anderson. We have attempted to contact Mrs. Wilson on several occasions but her campaign has been unresponsive throughout this election season, we have also seen very little effort on her part to seriously make an effort to win this race. At this point we feel it essential to back a the candidate who is most serious about defeating the Unions backed candidates. Seat 3 is critical and the vote is now split between 4 candidates 3 of them are opposed to the Unions outrageous spending while the one is fully funded by them. At this time we feel it is absolutely necessary to fall behind one candidate or risk splitting the vote and give Paccione a free pass back to rubber stamping everything that comes across her desk from her Union bosses. Please join us in supportingBrian Anderson for Seat 3 in the general election. New Interesting pet website.

Brian Anderson – Bill Mick live

The three Amigos- YOUR UNION Dream team

YOUR UNION DREAM TEAM…..Don’t they look like a dreamy bunch!

Michelle: Leader of Occupy and keynote speaker at Occupy Melbourne….how about occupying job.

Rettinger: Ultra Liberal candidate. Quote from Bill: ” I think we should have medicare for everyone, government run is the way it should be.”Watch Bill’s video and here it in his own words.,32068,1824943053001_2123754,00.html

Slick Willy Capote – non partisan candidate

Willy’s likes on face book  (LOL…yeah your real non partisan alright)


Before you vote, find out who BILL RETTINGER really is?

So who is Bill Rettinger….. Non-partisan, we think NOT !!!!!

Do you think he will serve the majority or special interest?


                                            FROM THE FACEBOOK PAGE OF

                                                “Non partisan” Bill Rettinger

               Elect Bill Rettinger for Palm Bay City Council

Paid for by Bill Rettinger Non Partisan for Palm Bay City Council Seat 2



NOW….  The Real Bill Rettinger

                From the Brevard Democrats Website

           Brevard DEC Officers                                                       

Vice Chair
Bill Rettinger


A collage of facts about the 3 “union backed” candidates

It’s getting down to the wire to get the facts out to the residents of Palm Bay before they go to vote. It is more and more disturbing that the 3 candidates Capote, Paccione and Rettinger are hiding facts and their true motives for running for Mayor and Council seats.  They have succeeded in hiding the fact that all 3 of them are backed and supported by the union. Rettinger was brought in by the Union for only one reason, to get on the council to push their agenda’s. (Rettinger is the vice chair of Brevard Democrats but boasts that he is non-partisan). Their agenda’s are clear when you look behind the deceit and lies. Palm Bay residents will ultimately be forced to pay substantial fees added to their water bills to support the ridiculous over inflated salaries and budgets. We have already seen the budget reduced and even eliminated for roads and infrastructure. Other non-special interest public services and employees have been cut. The spending to solely support special interest at the expense of the majority and will get worse if any of the 3 get on council. So to get the real facts out we have compiled various newspaper articles highlighting quotes from the 3 and also union chief Ginsburg for your reading pleasure or displeasure which would be more of the case. All the quotes can be found in the links we will provide in the collage. Unlike the special interest’s anonymous, untruthful and disgusting antics and postings on various Internet sites, we will not, nor do we need to attack and post pictures of children/ minors in an immoral and untruthful manner.  Let’s go back in time, so that we don’t forget the irresponsible, childish, self serving actions of the union and it’s supporters.

Article : Firefighters won’t support mayor for re-election

“Fire fee or not, the firefighters union is behind Michele Paccione and William Capote,” Mr. Ginsburg said. The council seats of Ms. Paccione and Mr. Capote are up for re-election in November. Mr. Capote has filed to oppose Mayor Mazziotti for the mayor’s seat.Mr. Ginsburg said the firefighters union will remain solidly behind Ms. Paccione and Mr. Capote “

Note:  What is absolutely amazing is that the 3 and the union deny that they will impose the fire fee is elected and deny their strong ties to the union.  They all endorse the Fire Fee behind closed doors, as is the way with the corrupt union… business as usual.  They are bluntly deceiving the citizens !!!

Article : Council may vote on civility

“Councilwoman Kristine Isnardi hinted that she will introduce a motion calling for council members to abide by a more professional tone after a recent controversy lapsed into name-calling.Mayor John Mazziotti also called for a less strident tone and indicated he would support such a measure.The issue arose after councilwoman Michele Paccione went on Facebook to refer to critics as “idiots.”

“I love it, let’s send this to the idiots who asked for his resignation,” Ms. Paccione’s web entry read, referring to residents who had called for Mr. Ginsburg to resign. At council meetings, residents are allowed three minutes to offer personal observations, but their observations don’t carry any official weight.

That led four Palm Bay residents to appear before the City Council to object to the ridicule, including Craig Charnov, who had asked for Mr. Ginsburg’s resignation.Mr. Charnov had criticized Mr. Ginsberg’s spearheading of the firefighters’ boycott of a local deli whose owner criticized a proposed $300 annual fire fee that Palm Bay residents would have paid to fund the fire department. The proposed fire fee was terminated by the City Council after months of debate.Mr. Charnov objected to being held up to ridicule by the councilwoman on the Facebook page.”That’s character assassination,” Mr. Charnov said. “It borders on defamation of character.”

Note: Are these the people you want representing you…in fact they won’t represent you because they think everyone that is not special interest or does not agree with them are “IDIOTS”, yes, that means you the taxpayer who pays their salaries……PATHETIC. 

Article : Deli owner faces firefighters’ boycott

Fire union targets merchant who criticized council members

PALM BAY – A deli owner who criticized City Council members at a council meeting said his deli is doing just fine, despite a boycott by the city’s firefighters’ union, which retaliated because of his comments.Mr. Paolella’s business is being officially shunned by unionized firefighters, whose leadership objected to Mr. Paolella’s criticism of three City Council members.The situation developed because residents who attend City Council meetings are allowed to address the council at a time limit of three minutes.In his three-minute commentary on Dec. 15, Mr. Paolella criticized council members Michele Paccione, William Capote and Ken Greene for supporting the city’s plan to bill residents up to $300 annually through a proposed “fire fee.”The three council members twice led a 3-2 City Council vote in favor of the proposed fire fee.

Lt. Ginsburg said IAFF Local 2446 recommended that its members boycott the Brown Bag.

Although Mr. Paolella did not mention firefighters in his remarks, Mr. Paolella criticized the three council members who supported the fire fee.Lt. Ginsburg said the boycott of the Brown Bag was intended for the fire union membership, not for the public as a whole.

Lt. Ginsburg said the firefighters will support the re-election of the three council members that Mr. Paolella criticized.

In addition, the firefighters union will not support the re-election bids of Mayor John Mazziotti and councilwoman Kristine Isnardi, who led the fight to kill the fire fee.

Asked why the firefighters objected to Mr. Paolella’s criticism of Ms. Paccione, Mr. Greene and Mr. Capote. Lt. Ginsburg said: “They are good friends of ours, and we stand by our friends.”

NOTE: Do you think that the 3 will really work for the majority and not just special interest “Friends”

The union has to go…they have become a nasty overpaid, egotistical, entitled giant that is smothering the taxpayers of Palm Bay and are unwilling to negotiate for the people that pay their salaries. The union loving, special interest, self serving Firefighters are not the men and women that we all were brought up to look up to, nor are their motives to protect and serve anymore.  It’s GREED, nothing more, nothing less.  Please pass this on to everyone you know that wants Palm Bay to be a “Perfect place to grow” and will say “NO” to special interest that is bankrupting Palm Bay. SAVE PALM BAY and your WALLET…. DO NOT VOTE FOR RETTINGER, PACCIONE OR CAPOTE !!!!! 

NOTE: We know there are some Firefighters that do not agree with their co-workers or the unions nasty tactics, but if they do not speak up they are just as guilty by association and their own silence.


Another Union backed Candidate thinking they are above the rules, as usual !!!!

I was approached by a taxpayer totally disgusted with a certain candidate and current councilwomen Michelle Paccione. Apparently this citizen was concerned about the obnoxious huge signs all over Palm Bay. He wrote an email to the the City asking for the Code on Political signs. He was pleasantly surprised that the city employee who handles this immediately gave him the requested information and apparently sent a courtesy e mail to the current council members that may be in a code violation.  Then, to his dismay, Councilwomen Michelle Paccione sent several e mails blaming, complaining and dismissing his concerns claiming ALL her signs were in code.  This taxpayer then took a photo of one of her signs in violation of code (6) No political or campaign sign shall be placed on any tree, electric dog fence post, or any other structure (unless such structure is specifically constructed for the placement of a sign) located on private property.

 Below are excerpts from her e mails and also a photo of the obvious violation.

“On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 5:59 PM, Michele Paccione wrote:
Hi, My signs are the allowable size and I have maybe 30 out there, there should be more but my signs have been stolen and they cost me lots of money. People spent a lot of time putting them together and up. Is it ok for some to put their signs in easements when clearly we were told not to. There are signs in illegal spots but I won’t do that as I know it’s wrong so I am so surprised you have no problem with that issue. I have such a small amount of signs out there and so I am really not understanding your issues with my signs. They are the standard size.”

Grow up, act like a councilwomen for “all” the taxpayers, not just for your “special interest”. Handle it Michelle, there was no big deal until you decided to take the “union way” and blame, deny and ignore and then get defensive instead of just thanking the taxpayer and checking that your signs were in code. Also, after wondering how all the 3 union backed candidates can afford such  huge signs, take a look at a previous posting of who is donating and endorsing the 3. No wonder, so Michelle quit complaining, you know you didn’t pay for all your signs, your buddy “union supported”  Bill Rettinger  helped. Michelle Paccione did nothing after her denial, until the resident had to send a photo to the City, great representation!!.

The house the sign was illegally posted on is a “Fireman’s”residence.

Non Partisan Candidate Ha Ha

Funny for being so non partisan looks sure looks like most of his money comes from partisan groups. Unfortunately we did not have enough room on this web site for all of Bill’s Union donations but here are a few….follow the money trail.View Bill’s page to see more.