Another Union backed Candidate thinking they are above the rules, as usual !!!!

I was approached by a taxpayer totally disgusted with a certain candidate and current councilwomen Michelle Paccione. Apparently this citizen was concerned about the obnoxious huge signs all over Palm Bay. He wrote an email to the the City asking for the Code on Political signs. He was pleasantly surprised that the city employee who handles this immediately gave him the requested information and apparently sent a courtesy e mail to the current council members that may be in a code violation.  Then, to his dismay, Councilwomen Michelle Paccione sent several e mails blaming, complaining and dismissing his concerns claiming ALL her signs were in code.  This taxpayer then took a photo of one of her signs in violation of code (6) No political or campaign sign shall be placed on any tree, electric dog fence post, or any other structure (unless such structure is specifically constructed for the placement of a sign) located on private property.

 Below are excerpts from her e mails and also a photo of the obvious violation.

“On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 5:59 PM, Michele Paccione wrote:
Hi, My signs are the allowable size and I have maybe 30 out there, there should be more but my signs have been stolen and they cost me lots of money. People spent a lot of time putting them together and up. Is it ok for some to put their signs in easements when clearly we were told not to. There are signs in illegal spots but I won’t do that as I know it’s wrong so I am so surprised you have no problem with that issue. I have such a small amount of signs out there and so I am really not understanding your issues with my signs. They are the standard size.”

Grow up, act like a councilwomen for “all” the taxpayers, not just for your “special interest”. Handle it Michelle, there was no big deal until you decided to take the “union way” and blame, deny and ignore and then get defensive instead of just thanking the taxpayer and checking that your signs were in code. Also, after wondering how all the 3 union backed candidates can afford such  huge signs, take a look at a previous posting of who is donating and endorsing the 3. No wonder, so Michelle quit complaining, you know you didn’t pay for all your signs, your buddy “union supported”  Bill Rettinger  helped. Michelle Paccione did nothing after her denial, until the resident had to send a photo to the City, great representation!!.

The house the sign was illegally posted on is a “Fireman’s”residence.